Friday, January 26, 2007

The best present ever!!!!

Our friends, Lance & Christina, got us the best Christmas present ever - Scrubs, Season 1 DVD Set. Jason and I have been watching it almost every night. They are kind of like potato chips, "you can't eat just one", well you can't watch just one episode. We have already finished Season 1 and moved on to Season 2. It is our nightly stress relief. This show has got to be the funniest show. We love it and we will continue to watch it every night until whatever Season is last---not real sure. So I just want to give a shout out to L&C, it really is the best present ever!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!


Coop said...

I must say...I KNEW it would be perfect! I was so excited to get it for y'all, glad you like it!

P.S. I'm commenting on your blog! Doesn't that make you happy:) Love ya!

carahinojosa said...

I LOVE that show, too!