Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our New Old Car

God is so good! A year and a half ago we needed a new car, and we found this dumpy truck, and paid $2000 cash for it. It was a '92 maroon, Ford Ranger, single cab truck with a not so good paint job, but hey it got the job done, and Jason had a car to drive around. Well, a few weeks ago we knew it was about time for the truck to leave us. We knew some things were about to go wrong with it, and lo and behold, the clutch went out.

Well, a new friend and wonderful lady that has started coming to River Stone mentioned over Christmas that she had a car that she needed to sell. We told her we were very interested, and she said that was great, and she was in no rush. So when our truck went out, we knew it was time to purchase a new car. She had a '97 white, Nissan Maxima. It's 10 years old, but it looks almost brand new. She has taken incredible care of it. It has power everything, leather seats, a sunroof, and it's a stick which is better for gas mileage. It's a fun car to drive and it's in great condition.

She told us she was praying that God would let her use this car to bless someone else, and we really needed a car. She gave it to us for what we sold our truck for which was $1500. We bought a crappy truck almost 2 years ago for $2000 and we were blessed with an incredible looking, very nice car for $1500. God is so good!!! Thank you Mary for letting God use you to bless us. We love our new old car :)

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