Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holly The Just

If you knew me, you would know I am all about justice. My husband even calls me Holly the Just! I hate it when I see injustice being done. Well. . .over Christmas my family and I were treated very unjustly. . .keep reading. . .
(Sorry this is so long)

My cousins took us to a place in Fort Worth called Edohana's. It's exactly like Benihana's, where they cook the food at your table. Very fun! Anyway, we had made reservations for 7pm since it was Jason's birthday and we had 12 people there. We got there at 10 'til 7, which if you knew my family, is a huge miracle. We are never early. So we arrived and went in. We waited 25 minutes and still no one came to ask us who we were, why were there. . .nothing. Finally, I told my cousin Sherry she should go talk to someone because by this point I was getting a little mad. (Not only am I all about justice, I'm not a patient person---not a good combo).

So. . .she went and told the guy we were here, and did he seat us? No! He seated about 3 other tables before us that didn't have reservations. What about this is far? Nothing!!! So we waited and waited and waited until about 8:30 when we finally got seated; an hour a 40 minutes after we arrived. We were not happy. I was the unhappiest (is that a word) of all.

Finally we were sitting down; so you'd think that we could order at least a drink, OH NO!! It wasn't that simple. We waited 25 more minutes, until finally I was so mad and so thirsty that I grabbed the closest guy walking around and said, "Can we order some drinks now, we have waited 25 minutes." What happened next? He sent the waiter to another table to get their drinks. IT WAS THE WRONG TABLE!!!

By this point we were all wondering if we were being Punk'd or on Candid Camera or something. It was too ridiculous for the average person. We finally got our drinks about 30 minutes after we sat down. Then came the soup/salad that we also had to wait on forever.

Around 10:15 or so I told my cousin that if the chef guy starting pushing a little food cart to the table next to us, who sat down 30 minutes after we did, then I was going to say something. Well lo and behold, that's exactly what happened next. They were going to let the table who got there 30 minutes after us eat before we did. OH NO!! I was livid. I jumped out of my chair, grabbed the little Japanese guy who had had too much Sake, and asked him why all the tables who came after us have eaten before us, and I insisted that we eat before that table did. It wasn't true justice for everything that had happened, but it made me feel so much better.

You would think this is the end of the story. . .but no!!! The guy went over to the other table, apologized for the inconvenience, sent the chef to our table, and then gave the other table FREE APPETIZERS!! Can you believe it? Did we get anything free? Were they sorry we were inconvenienced. NO!!!!

So finally the chef came to cook our food, and guess what, the grill wasn't turned on. No one had turned on the stupid grill. By this point we had to laugh in order not to cry. About 10:45 we finally ate our food after waiting almost 4 hours.

Remember we were there to celebrate Jason's birthday. Well when it was time to finally sing to him, make him wear a silly hat and bang the gong and drum, the lady who was singing and banging (if you could call it that) said, "Okay everyone, It's Jason's birthday, let's all sing to him." THERE WAS NO ONE THERE BUT US!!! We were the last ones there. Finally, after he had had a few more sakes (I'm assuming) the guy asked if we would like one free bottle of sake. We took it! We were so mad and didn't care by then. We just wanted to leave.

We got there at 6:50 and left at 11:15. That was the injustice done to my family, and my personal night of hell. Happy Birthday Jason!! Sorry it took 4 and 1/2 hours. Thanks Sherry & Steven for paying and for putting up with my "Holly the Just" attitude!!!

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