Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Tonight, Jason, Jake and I went to Austin to watch the fireworks. The ones in San Marcos were cancelled on the most beautiful night we have had since the torrential rain has resided over central Texas. We wanted to see some, so we went. We got there a little late, so we drove around to find a spot away from Zilker Park, because it was a mad house. Traffic was actually stopped on the highway because people were watching the fireworks. We finally found a spot on a hill at Park Hills Baptist Church in Austin. I stood there between 3 wooden crosses overlooking downtown Austin and watched fireworks, and while the fireworks were sentimental and all I wasn't really humming "The Star Spangeled Banner" in my head, instead I was humming, "Shadow of Your Cross" by Joel Engle, thinking how awesome it was that the three crosses were there, and how not only do I live in a free country, but I have freedom in Christ. Because Christ died on the cross, I am free! Free from sin. Free from death. I'll leave you with the lyrics. Thank you Jesus for my gift of freedom!!!

Lamb of God, Son of man how you suffered how You bled
With a crown of thorns pressed upon Your head
You chose the road of pain
You walked the hill of all my shame, all my shame

In the shadow of Your cross, I will live for all my days
How could I forget the price You paid
In the shelter of Your love I will give You all my praise
In the shadow of Your cross I will stay

Man of sorrows crucified pure and holy sacrifice
As the hammer hit the nail You offered up Your life
You gave up heaven for Your own
You took our punishment alone
You were so alone

O King of Majesty
Forever I will sing
Of the gift You gave to me
You gave to me

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