Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bollinger Update!!

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on with us currently....

Well, first, our friends have finally found a house. Praise God! This has been a really tough time for them. On June 1st, they will finally feel at home in San Marcos. Thank you Jesus!! (Oh yea and they aren't living with us anymore---they have moved on to bigger and better things :)

We have now lived in our house that God graciously gave us a year today. Thank you God again for your many blessings. We are very thankful!

Next week, our friends Norman & Grace Barnes from England will be staying with us. They are so amazing!! God has really blessed us with their friendship. Norman will be speaking at River Stone on the 20th. Please pray for them as they travel here.

Jacob will be finished with his first year of preschool in a few weeks. He loves school, but I think he's ready for a break. He has done really well, and learned a lot. Now if I could only get him to tie his shoes....

Jason and I are coming up on our 9th Anniversary in June. I can't believe it's been 9 years; 9 wonderful, amazing, emotional, hard, exciting, blessed, and fun years!!

My parents gave us Schlitterbahn Season Passes this year, so we will be spending most of the summer there, which is good, because I desperately need a tan. Jacob is so excited. And to be perfectly honest I am too.

Well, I guess that's all for now. If you have a moment, let us know what's going on with you too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Guess who gets your dad back? Oh, and sometimes it takes forever for that tie the shoe thing!


Holly said...

Yep! Thanks!!!

BeccaDink said...

You were blessed with the outgoingness (is that a word) of your father and the insight of your mother. I love reading your blogs. I especially love your one about being just!! You were far more patient than I would have been. Good to catch up on everything!

Holly said...

Thanks Becca!!!