Monday, April 30, 2007


God always has a way of putting my life in perspective. Last Sunday night I had the worst night I have had in a really long time. Probably since before Jacob was born. I was just done. I needed a break, so I went to my parent's house for a few days to just get away, to rest, and to refuel to await the next time my tank is empty. I rested, had a lot of time to read my Bible and pray uninterrupted, and really just did nothing. It was great!!!

One of those days I was laying on the floor in my parents bedroom and God basically handed me exactly what I needed. I was laying on the floor looking at books on my parent's bookshelf and I saw a book that captured my attention. So I opened it and it was a Bible Study guide to help women learn how to live at peace in the midst of every day stress in their life as a woman, wife, and mother. The best thing was, that it was empty and my mom didn't really even know she had it. So I stole it because I felt like God specifically left it for me to find. Everything this week has just clicked for me. The Bible Study I found, what God is showing us through the teaching at church, scripture I was already reading, and through songs I was listening to. I think God used last Sunday night to just sit me down and allow me to rest in Him this week. If it had been a good night, I probably wouldn't have taken the break I so desperately needed.

Last night (a week after my bad day) we had a guest worship leader, Lindsey Kane. If you have never heard of her you need to. She has a huge talent, and the sweetest spirit you will ever know. ( or Anyway, God summed up my week last night in one song she sang called, "He Knows". It isn't even out yet, but she sang it last night. It was basically, he knows everything we go through, he hurts when we hurt, and he just knows, cares, and loves us.

God used little things each day to help me re-gain my perspective. It's so awesome that the God of the Universe takes time out to share life with ME, and walk beside ME, and love ME even when I don't deserve it, and especially when I needed it the most. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to rest in You this week!!!

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