Thursday, March 22, 2007

This Never Happened Before

So something really random happened to me yesterday. I was opening a can of Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup. I popped the tab, hadn't pulled it back yet and it blew off and literally exploded in my hand. My hand swelled up, turned purple and red, and I couldn't move it for about 3 hours. Slowly it started functioning again, but it is still a little swollen today. It was the strangest thing. The can didn't look abnormal, it wasn't dented, nothing. It just blew up!

Anyway, I was told to call the local Health Dept., so I did. They put the incident on record and told me to call the State Health Dept. and then HEB where I purchased the soup. I called both, and HEB is now sending the can off to be tested in their Quality Testing Dept and placed the incident on record as well. The State Dept. said I did the right thing by contacting the grocery store. We also contacted Campbell's Soup and they are sending a refund and some coupons. It's not much, but they were also willing to pay if I needed to go to the doctor, so that was nice.

The moral of the story is: Buy a can opener that opens pull tab tops so it doesn't explode in your hand. . .

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